Value driven solutions for brewery by-products

In keeping with our focus on sustainability and value driven waste management solutions, Benzoil has launched a niche business unit known as GrainOut.

Primarily offering solutions for spent brewers grain, GrainOut is about sustainability of brewery by-product (spent grain, yeast, hops and waste water).  We essentially manage brewery by-product waste (especially wet brewers grain) on behalf of the brewer or distiller.

This delivers increased value and improved sustainability on multiple fronts:

  • Environmental: energy, water, CO2 savings
  • Social: sense of community, strategic sourcing

We develop sustainability story and messaging for niche beverage manufacturers to use in line with their core values.

GrainOut specifically handles brewery and distillery by-products.  This significant launch builds our reputation as the number one supplier of craft brewery and distillery by-product solutions in Australia.  Importantly GrainOut provides the increased focus and expertise required to meet the ongoing specialist needs of our brewery and distillery customers.

GrainOut offers strategic solutions for brewery and distillery by-products.  We also provide associated services including:

  • Yeast slurry removal services
  • Product destruction (in line with ATO excise division requirements)
  • Beverage recall plan response
  • Rapid response to liquid spills and loss of containment
  • FMCG supply chain consulting
  • Waste water system design
  • Trade waste agreement support and EPA liaison

See more at or call 0437 965 270.