Waste Oil Collection

Waste oil collection is one of the key services offered by Benzoil.  With oil processing capabilities located in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne we can collect in all eastern states, and with the support of an extensive transport network we can facilitate collections as far north as the country extends.  Metropolitan areas generally contain the highest

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PCB Oil Disposal And Transformer Decontamination

Many proud electrical asset managers will proclaim that their fleet of transformers is PCB-free, yet although they have worked long and hard to achieve this outcome some PCB oil still resides in their system.  In our experience most electric utilities in Australia have methodically surveyed their transformer fleet (power transformers anyway) and maintain dedicated registers

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Inhibitors And Oxidation In Transformer Oil

Oil oxidation is an ongoing process that occurs in oil in all transformers, the by-products of which attack the transformer’s paper insulation. Oil oxidation is influenced by heat, oxygen and moisture, and facilitated by the presence of metal – copper in the case of a transformer.  Despite best efforts to exclude air from a transformer,

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Waste Management Companies In Australia

The business of waste management has an important role to play in keeping Australia’s environment clean and free from contamination.  There are literally hundreds of waste management companies in Australia, ranging from small one-man operators to massive publicly listed corporations employing thousands of people in multiple business units across various states. The handful of the

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