Hydrocarbon recovery specialists

Many spent materials can be fully recovered and returned to their original use if collected and handled properly.  Through our unique combination of activities we have an excellent knowledge of oil and chemical markets and understand oil buyers’ needs and applications for petroleum products.

Benzoil seeks used oil

Benzoil specialises in the management of used mineral oil streams.  We seek oil from industrial applications like hydraulics, engines and electrical transformers which becomes worn during normal use.  Impurities such as dirt, metal scrapings, water and chemicals can mix with the oil so that it no longer performs and must be replaced.  The spent oil is recoverable and has value.


We pay for used oil

Used oil has real value.  Depending on the location, volume and contaminants, Benzoil will pay good money for it.  How much?  Ask us.

What type of oil?

Benzoil specifically targets used light industrial oils, originating from the following applications:

  • Electrical insulating oils
  • Transformer oil
  • HV switchgear oil
  • Capacitor oil
  • Cable oil
  • Industrial lubricating fluids
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Turbine oil
  • Gear and chain oil
  • Compressor oil
  • Other distressed oil streams
  • Surplus virgin oil
  • Pipeline transmix
  • Line flushings
  • Out of spec petroleum products
  • Esters and spent biolubricants

Used light industrial oils are generally clean and are mostly excellent candidates for re-refining, regeneration or direct reuse.  In particular used transformer oil can be used as a feedstock for re-refining processes that produce a base oil (and transformer oil) with properties comparable base oils produced from crude oil feedstocks.

We buy used oil when it meets certain criteria – ask our oil recovery specialists about it.

The other category of waste oil is black oil, or oil originating from engine lubricants, workshops, garages and sumps.  Black oil can be used as a feedstock for re-refining processes that produce a base oil (as well as other high value by-products) with properties comparable with base oils produced from crude oil feedstocks. There are well co-ordinated waste oil collection systems and networks in Australia for black oil for which Benzoil can provide access.

Also see our information on re-refined base stocks for details on the used oil derived products marketed by Benzoil.

How can we help?

Benzoil has an assembled network of off-takers for used oil collection and recovery, allowing this resource to be recovered.  Outcomes include re-refining, reuse, and new product creation.  We understand intimately the sources and origins of used oil, and facilitate the flow from producer to off-taker.

Make contact and start a conversation with us about the used oil functions we offer:

  • Sourcing
  • Draining and decanting
  • Transportation
  • Recovery
  • Purchasing
  • Disposal

Ask about value added services Benzoil offers like:

  • Sampling and laboratory analysis
  • Consolidation of small lots (oil in drums and IBCs)
  • Liaison with statutory authorities to facilitate waste permit applications and consignment authorizations
  • Selection of reputable and EPA licenced transporters