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Black oil

Lubricating oils are a blend of base oils and additives.  The core function of lube oils are to reduce friction, remove heat and suspend contaminants.  As a consequence of normal use impurities such as dirt, metal scrapings, water and chemicals can mix with the oil so that it no longer performs and must be replaced.  The oil typically becomes discoloured and is known as “black oil”.

This spent lubricating oil or black oil is recoverable and has value.  It can originate from:

  • engine lubricants
  • workshops
  • garages
  • sumps

Black oil can be used as a feedstock for re-refining processes that produce a base oil (as well as other high value by-products) with properties comparable with base oils produced from crude oil feedstocks.  There are well co-ordinated collection systems and networks in Australia for black oil for which Benzoil can provide access.