VIRGIN & RE-REFINED TRANSFORMER OIL2018-04-25T05:24:58+00:00

An oil for all occasions

Benzoil is among Australia’s few specialised transformer oil suppliers, and we consider ourselves well placed in the oil market to offer helpful advice.  Premium electrical insulating oils have been developed to enable OEMs and electric utilities to choose the oil that delivers optimum value to their operations through extended equipment protection, long oil life and high system efficiency.

Virgin oils (i.e. refined from naphthenic crude) and re-refined oils (i.e. refined from previously refined naphthenic crude) undergo hydrotreatment to produce a highly refined mineral oil that provides both stability at high temperature and excellent electrical insulating capabilities.  All conform to the latest corrosive sulfur standards and are certified PCB-free.

Typically virgin and re-refined oils are used for initial filling of power and distribution transformers and top ups, where regenerated oils are utilised in retro fills, top ups and circuit breaker maintenance.  Premium transformer oil is usually ordered in bulk and delivered by specialised road tankers or ISO containers.  We can also supply in sizes including:

  • 1,000L (IBC or pallecon)
  • 205L (drum)
  • 20L (small drum)