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Smart wastewater management for industry

Industrial wastewater treatment requires appropriate technologies as well as proper application.  Benzoil’s partner facilities have the most experience in the water treatment industry, including in Melbourne holding a VIC EPA licence for a comprehensive list of waste codes. Wastewater management from wide ranging industrial streams is facilitated by the capacity to accept:

  • Heavy metal laden wastewater (including Chromium, Lead, Zinc, Cobalt, Selenium and more)
  • Aqueous spray booth waste and dyes
  • Water oil emulsions (including triple inteceptor and pit sludge)
  • Car and truck washwaters
  • Service station driveway water
  • High solid load liquid wastes
  • Industrial washwaters (including cooling tower and processing effluent)
  • Fire washwaters
  • Inert sludges and slurries

Our pretreatment system is designed to accept wastewaters with varying levels of pH, organics, solids, or metal contamination.  Incoming wastewaters are segregated, analysed and then processed through an advanced treatment system, engaging a combination of physiochemical processes including:

  • Neutralisation
  • Dissolved air flotation filtration
  • Filter press
  • Precipitation
  • pH adjusting
  • Centrifuge and decanter

Smart wastewater management allows water to be detoxified rather than merely diluting for discharge and we pride ourselves on the colletive applied chemical knowledge of our team.

Wastewater collection is part of the Benzoil service and we can arrange appropriatley sized trucks and equipment for any job.  Safe and compliant collection is a critical part of the waste disposal process, and we partner with the industry’s best in this regard.