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Silicone fluids, esters and more

Fuel blending is an appropriate recycling alternative for materials that are not easily recoverable.  In the case of silicone oil – often used as a heat transfer fluid – this non-hazardous waste can be compatibly blended with many organic solvents or other fuels.

Silicones do have advantages when properly used in fuel-blending operations.  Silicone fluids have a calorific value of approximately 20MJ/kg, providing a favourable heat balance for fuel-use applications.  Furthermore, when silicone fluids are burned in silica-demanding processes such as cement kilns, the resulting silica becomes a valuable component of the product.

Importantly Benzoil recommends that silicone-containing materials should not be burned in internal combustion engines or other operations in which ash generation may interfere with the operation of the equipment.