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Regenerated and made good as new

Regenerated transformer oil is a naphthenic transformer oil which has been regenerated to restore physical, electrical and chemical qualities back to “as new” condition.  The regeneration process is a well documented and popular method of refining and includes multistage filtration, precision heating, vacuum dehydration and degassing.  The resulting product compares equally with virgin oil and meets or exceeds AS 1767.1-1999 (Australian specification for unused mineral insulating oils for transformers and switchgear).

Benzoil supplies regenerated transformer oil subject to stringent quality control procedures and industry best practice processing technologies.  A proprietary blended bauxite material is used as the adsorbent media providing longer regenerative life and reduced environmental impacts associated with other media such as Fuller’s Earth.

While virgin and re-refined oils are used for initial filling of power and distribution transformers, regenerated oils are utilised in retro fills, top ups and circuit breaker maintenance.  Regenerated transformer oil is usually ordered in bulk and delivered by specialised road tankers or ISO containers.  We can also supply in sizes including:

  • 1,000L (IBC or pallecon)
  • 205L (drum)
  • 20L (small drum)