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Premium quality base oils

In the oil industry, the term “recycled” is very different from “re-refined”.  Re-refining is a process that has evolved over many years.  It removes all impurities, both soluble and insoluble, and returns the oil to an “as new” quality suitable for all applications.  Re-refined oil has quality that is equal to or better than some virgin base oils.  In fact, when re-refining using a hydrotreating process the product base oil can meet API group II specifications.

Re-refining technologies including hydrogenation and solvent extraction produce premium quality base oils that can be used interchangeably with base oils produced from virgin crude oil.

Benzoil markets the range of Australian made re-refined base oils that are available in grades including:

  • 70N
  • 150N
  • 300N

Benzoil can supply to domestic and export markets.