TRANSFORMER FLUSH OIL2018-03-24T07:27:12+00:00

Specifically designed oil for industry

In conjunction with leading transformer OEMs and electric utility companies, Benzoil has developed a unique product designed specifically for flushing and rinsing electrical transformer internals.

Transformers and other HV electrical equipment may require periodic flushing and rinsing for reasons including:

  • Major service intervals (e.g. mid-life overhaul)
  • End-of-service (e.g. as a requirement from scrapper prior to disposal)
  • PCB amelioration (e.g. to reduce PCB level prior to returning the asset to service)
  • Pre-retrofill preparation (e.g. a pressure spray over the internals to flush out particulates and varnish build up prior to adding new oil)

Why use premium oil for these maintenance practices, when Benzoil has developed a product that is both technically and commercially more sensible?  Furthermore, Benzoil can take back the recovered flushing oil, in many cases offering a rebate.