Best Practice Used Synthetic Oil Recovery in Australia

In the last decade or so, the use of synthetic oils in industrial lubricants has increased significantly. This is largely due to their improved thermal and oxidative stability, preferable viscosity-temperature characteristics, heat transfer and frictional properties, and higher flashpoint. Industrial synthetic oil lubricants are made from special base stocks with special additives and are a technically complex product manufactured for many industries, and are commonly used in power utilities, mining, automotive and material processing facilities. Due to its unique composition and value, used synthetic oil can be professionally recovered and recycled for further use.

What is the Value of Used Synthetic Oil?

When large volumes of oil need to be removed as part of a maintenance operation, it is critical that it is professionally recovered and recycled. Used synthetic oil, most notably synthetic transformer oil, synthetic turbine oil and synthetic heat transfer fluids are higher value oils that can be recycled by Benzoil and our partners for further use. Not only does this meet regulatory requirements for oil disposal, but it also creates a valuable supply for partners who can utilise used synthetic oil.

Opportunities for Used Synthetic Oil Recovery

The best opportunity for us to recover used synthetic oil is when it is periodically drained from large assets and plants, including power transformers, gas and wind turbines or chemical and material processing equipment.

More fragmented volumes of synthetic oil are found in automotive and mining industries including crankcase and hydraulic oil types, but these are too hard to keep separate from regular mineral oils, so they all end up together as a mix in the general waste oil stream.

There are more financially valuable and environmentally superior outcomes for used synthetic oil rather than just energy recovery or mere re-refining into Group I base oil.  Benzoil has processing partners who have specialised knowledge and equipment to recover used synthetic oil when it is collected, staged and handled well.

Industry Leaders in Used Synthetic Oil Recovery in Australia

We offer a pathway to the safe and responsible handling of a waste stream with value still left in it, servicing clients across Australia with professional hazardous waste processing and disposal, waste-to-product transformation, and used oil recovery. Through strategic partnerships and a deep understanding of technical, commercial and environmental drivers, we offer innovative, best practice solutions for industrial waste.

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