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Waste generated from industry

The waste market that Benzoil addresses comprises waste generated by light and heavy industry.  Key industries in Australia for which Benzoil provides waste management and recycling options include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Oil & gas
  • Energy & utility
  • Transport & warehousing
  • Emergency & defence

Manufacturing industry waste stems from an array of industrial processes – some simple, some complex.  In many cases we can quickly introduce recycling concepts and best practice waste oil disposal initiatives which not only save the business time and money, but also reduce reliance on contractors.

Mining output in Australia continues to grow and with that so does the amount of waste and by-product streams.  Machinery utilised in mining operations is lubricated by a complex slate of oil products, manufactured by all major OEMs.  Regardless of the drain intervals recommended, oil is changed out and replaced regularly and then stored for removal from sites. We provide waste oil recycling and disposal solutions which result in quality outcomes.

Benzoil’s used oil disposal and recycling capabilities provide an all encompassing approach for oil and gas industry waste management including hazardous and general waste, industrial cleaning, recycling and decommissioning.

The solutions we can tailor for power stations are of benefit to asset managers looking for a comprehensive fix for waste oil management.  Oils that arise in the power station context are generally transformer oils from electrical assets as well as fuel oil from current or previous burning operations which may have been stored away for a long time and now considered out-of-date.  In any event we can help with removal and waste oil recycling.

Transport businesses choose to partner with Benzoil as we can provide a unique closed loop offer of removal and disposal of waste oil, plus supply back of new oil products.

Across all industries and markets, Benzoil has the unique capability of handling any type of waste you may encounter.  Whether it’s chemicals, solvents, liquids, used oil, or a special project, we can provide an expert solution.