Waste Management Companies In Australia

The business of waste management has an important role to play in keeping Australia’s environment clean and free from contamination.  There are literally hundreds of waste management companies in Australia, ranging from small one-man operators to massive publicly listed corporations employing thousands of people in multiple business units across various states.

The handful of the largest organisations has generally grown through the acquisition of smaller players over time, and historically there is a boom to bust cycle that can be seen.  The large player grows larger through inorganic growth, only to become too cumbersome, disjointed and top heavy that profitability plummets and a divestment of poorly performing divisions takes place.

At the smaller end of the scale, waste management companies can operate without the need to actually own or control vast physical assets.  For instance some waste oil and grease trap collection businesses comprise just one truck and one operator.  At the big end of the scale, waste management companies invest capital to build sites to process and treat which may encompass solid waste, liquid waste, and hazardous waste types.  Establishment, regulatory and compliance costs are significant.  Treatment processes at these facilities can vary from the most simple sorting and filtration equipment to sophisticated European technologies that cost many millions of dollars to licence and operate in Australia.

Benzoil’s position in the spectrum is rather unique in that we wear multiple hats.  Benzoil does not directly own a waste treatment facility but acts as a facilitator, trader, consultant, commission agent, merchant wholesaler, or broker depending on the situation.  We have strategic relationships with most waste management companies in Australia and hold contracts for preferred supply with several facilities.

In the same way that consumers are comfortable (and almost dependant on) using the services of an insurance broker, finance broker or real estate agent, businesses who deal with us rely on Benzoil as a critical middle-man with specialised knowledge and the ability to add value.

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