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Fuel oil supply

Waste oil collection, aggregation & processing

Transformer fluids & insulating oils

Electrical asset disposal and PCB removal

Management services for water and coolants

Hazardous waste management

Oil Products, Waste Management Services, and so much more

Benzoil is an Australian based trading and marketing company with an innovative closed loop model. Our specialties lay in oil products, and waste treatment and brokering.

We procure and market a select range of specialised oil products, most notably used oil derived products.

As waste brokers and traders we manage the path of controlled waste through the supply chain. We especially focus on liquid hydrocarbon streams like used mineral oils, but also seek chemical by-products, hazardous materials, and contaminated scrap.

Our unique business unlocks value in specific resource markets using a deeply connected network and knowledge of sourcing and supply dynamics. We assemble producers and off-takers with a focus on the interrelated markets encompassing petroleum products and industrial waste streams and by-products. Read more about our story.

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