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Value driven solutions for food and beverage by-products

In keeping with our focus on sustainability and value driven waste management solutions, Benzoil has launched a niche business unit known as GrainOut.

Primarily offering solutions for food and beverage by-products, GrainOut is about sustainability of food and beverage by-product (brewery waste, whey concentrate, pea pollard, bakery waste, fruit pomace, molasses etc). We essentially manage food and beverage by-product waste on behalf of food and beverage manufacturers.

This delivers increased value and improved sustainability on multiple fronts:

  • Environmental: energy, water, CO2 savings
  • Social: sense of community, strategic sourcing

We develop sustainability story and messaging for niche beverage manufacturers to use in line with their core values.

GrainOut specifically handles food and beverage by-products.  The significant launch of this business unit builds our reputation as the number one supplier of craft brewery and distillery by-product solutions in Australia.  Importantly GrainOut provides the increased focus and expertise required to meet the ongoing specialist needs of our food and beverage customers.

Products that we re-purpose are:

  • vegetable oils (crude glycerol)
  • brewery waste (bulk beer, spent grain, yeast)
  • confectionary waste (chocolate)
  • dairy waste (hard cheese, milk permeate, whey concentrate)
  • fruit and vegetable waste (avocado, coconut husks, fruit pomace, grape marc)
  • nut waste (almond hull, macadamia)
  • powder, oat and bakery waste (milk powders, pea protein, bran flakes, flour, rice, biscuits)
  • pulses, legume and seeds (kibbled peas, pea pollard, palm kernel, cotton seed, canola meal and oil)

GrainOut offers strategic solutions for food and beverage by-products.  We also provide associated services including:

  • Yeast slurry and trub removal services
  • Liquid food waste removal services
  • Product destruction (in line with ATO excise division requirements)
  • Beverage recall plan response
  • Rapid response to liquid spills and loss of containment
  • FMCG supply chain consulting
  • Waste water system design
  • Trade waste agreement support and EPA liaison

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