Flammable Liquid Recovery and How to Get Rid of Waste Petrol

As waste management specialists, one of the most frequently requested services is the safe disposal of waste petrol. In this article, we will explore the issues around getting rid of waste petrol, recommended best practices, and more.

When Does Petrol Become Waste?

Petrol becomes a waste product that should not be used if:

  • It is stale or old stock – Petrol is a long-lasting fuel and has a shelf-life of about 6 months if stored in a sealed container at temperatures of about 20 degrees Celsius. Any longer than that, or if the petrol is stored in warm temperatures where it degrades more rapidly and it should be disposed of.
  • It is contaminated by another liquid – Petrol that has come into contact with water, diesel, or other fluids should also be disposed of. This is because contamination can cause dangerous chemical reactions, can affect the performance of the fuel, or damage equipment engines and fuel systems.
  • It has contaminated another liquid – If your petrol has contaminated water, oil or any other substance, it will need to be professionally disposed of for the same reasons as mentioned above.

Why is Professional Waste Petrol Removal Essential?

Simply speaking, the chemical nature of petrol means that it is a dangerous good and has its own special handling and storage requirement. It has a low flashpoint, so it’s relatively easy to ignite (accidentally or on purpose) and must therefore be treated with care.

Petrol has a distinctive smell, so it is easy to detect. As a result, normal waste oil collectors will smell it and then refuse to take away the oil as they are not equipped to handle the traces of petrol.

Industrial and Commercial Petrol Waste Management and Waste Disposal

At Benzoil, we have been assisting commercial and industrial operations in safely disposing of their waste, improving best practice outcomes, and innovating as a waste-to-product specialist. We work with all industries, from aviation and agriculture to automotive garages and industrial sites on waste recovery and waste reduction.

We can assist you with the disposal and transport of liquid waste, which requires EPA licences, through our team of trusted services providers who hold the appropriate permits. In addition, we also handle hydraulic oil, aviation fuel, garage and workshop oil, synthetic oil, and transformer oil. In addition, we can also determine the best outcome for flammable liquid waste streams, providing best-case processing, blending, reuse, or disposal outcomes.

Contact us today for commercial and industrial petrol waste solutions. Your petrol problem is our solution.

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