Liquid Food Waste Alternatives for Food Manufacturers in Australia


GrainOut is a subsidiary of Benzoil that specialises in food and beverage by-products.  GrainOut are specialists in liquid food waste and provide innovative solutions for liquid food waste.

Australia has seen an increase in smaller and medium sized food manufacturers through the emergence of bespoke and innovative food products.  The size and centralised location of these food manufacturing facilities can make minimising and repurposing liquid food waste challenging.

Food Products

GrainOut uses network partners to develop food products from liquid food waste.  GrainOut looks at technology developed overseas to apply in the Australian context.  For example, GrainOut has examined a cashew based vegan ingredient mix that transforms liquid food waste into a plant-based cheese.

Animal Feed

GrainOut has a network of processors and farmers to enable food manufacturers to re-purpose liquid food waste into animal feed.


Liquid food waste can have a high level of nutrients that aid soil conditioning. GrainOut’s process increases the soil’s ability to hold water and absorb nutrients from liquid food waste.

Power Generation

Food waste dumped in landfill generates methane that is emitted into the atmosphere. GrainOut has solutions for turning food waste into energy through its network of processing partners via a process called anaerobic digestion.

Trade Waste

GrainOut has a natural biological product that breaks down solid matter and removes odour in liquid food waste which reduces food manufacturer’s trade waste disposal cost.

Bibliography available on request.

Food manufacturers with any liquid food waste please contact GrainOut on 0437 965 270 to see how we can provide innovative solutions to managing food waste.

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