Oil For Any Transformer

Whether the insulating fluid be mineral oil, vegetable oil (esters) or synthetic, we can supply the product to match the need.

Just as oils vary in design, transformers themselves are abundantly different – many with similar properties and some quite specialised and unique.  Here are some of the electrical transformers for which can supply dielectric fluid:

• Ground mount (step down transformer)
• Substation (step down distribution transformer)
• Pad mount (distribution transformer with integrated LV and MV panel)
• Pole mount (distribution transformer mounted on a pole)
• GSU (Generator step up transformer)
• Furnace (for the steel and metal industries)
• Variable Speed Drive (variable speed drive transformer)
• Railway (for rail fixed installations)
• Marine Distribution (distribute power inside a ship)
• Substation Non-Auto (step down power transformer)
• Network (transformer for secondary distribution system)
• Substation Auto (autotransformers)
• Shell-Form (a compact alternative for large generator step up transformers)
• Rectifier (connected to a diode or thyristor rectifier)
• Booster (Used in catenary to collect the return current from the rail)
• Windmill (GSU transformer installed inside the wind mill tower)
• Marine Propulsion (to feed the ship propulsion system)
• Phase Shifter (to help control power flow in transmission lines)

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