Waste Oil Collection

Waste oil collection is one of the key services offered by Benzoil.  With oil processing capabilities located in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne we can collect in all eastern states, and with the support of an extensive transport network we can facilitate collections as far north as the country extends.  Metropolitan areas generally contain the highest density of waste oil generators from industries including electro-intensive, manufacturing, oil & chemical, automotive and utilities.  Regional areas are more likely to be home to heavy industries like mining and major processing.  The collection of waste oil generated by these businesses is an essential requirement in their day to day running.

Volumes of waste oil that we collect may be as little as one drum to as much as a tanker load.  Different size vehicles are utilized depending on the volume and whether the waste oil for collection is presented in packages (drums, IBCs, etc.) or is bulk (storage tank).  Our preference is always for larger volumes and depending on the location for the collection, a minimum volume may be indicated with volumes falling below this incurring a nominal fee. With multiple smaller volumes positioned around cities a “milk-run” style collection is often arranged to service the needs businesses who generate volumes of waste oil less than 1,000L.

The quality of what is collected can vary substantially.  If there are known to be any particular contaminants in waste oil for collection, then it is helpful to us if this can be disclosed in advance.  Contaminants may be intentional or unintentional and include such substances as water, sludge, glycol, other coolants, straight additives, grid and sand, PPE, battery acid.  Depending on the nature of the industry where the waste oil is generated, any co-existing chemicals or products in use there may end up unintentionally in the waste oil stream.  The extent to which this is true mostly comes down to basic housekeeping and site practices.  Regardless of the contaminants in waste streams our specialised processing technologies can separate oil from all else and recover the value of oil.

With our complementary business unit also offering new oil supply, when it comes to hydrocarbon management Benzoil can provide the closed loop of waste oil removal and resupply of new product.  When plant and equipment is at the end of its operating life, the lubricating oil may be drained as a final step, but if an oil recharge or retrofill or even top-up is needed then Benzoil can supply the expertise and oil products to complete the project.  Typical oils that may be replaced in this way include transformer oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil, and oil used in closed cooling circuits.  Because we are able to manage waste out and new product in, our one-stop offer will be superior.

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