Where to Buy Transformer Oil in 20L Containers

Electrical maintenance businesses that service private networks and smaller electrical infrastructure often find it challenging to source electrical insulating oil or transformer oil in smaller volumes. Benzoil, a leading provider of oil and oil-derived hydrocarbon products in Australia can supply 20L containers of transformer oil to solve this issue for you.


The Challenge


Most transformer oil suppliers sell their products in bulk quantities that are delivered by trucks, but they also can be sold in packaged formats. The most typical packages sizes are 200L drums and 1,000L IBCs. Smaller amounts than 200L are sometimes called for and not many suppliers deal in volumes less than 200L drums.


For electrical maintenance providers that operate at remote locations and want to store unopened containers for a length of time, even the smallest of these large volumes are impractical because they are difficult to transport, store, and utilise at smaller facilities and private networks.


The Benzoil Solution – Supplying Small Containers of Transformer Oil


Benzoil is one of the only suppliers in Australia that supplies transformer oil in 20L containers (also called pails or small drums). The 20L size is convenient for transformer top-ups and instances where a 200L drum is too much or space is tight. 


Benzoil offers mineral-based transformer oil for sale, although we also supply both vegetable and synthetic options. We supply our clients with electrical insulating oil for all applications, meeting both international and Australian Standards. We also specialise in transformer oil that not only meets technical requirements but also meets environmental and cost specifications. These drums have a shelf life of over 2 years if stored correctly and, to ensure the highest quality and that the required specifications are met, every order is supplied with a NATA accredited laboratory certificate of analysis for quality control purposes.


We deliver transformer oil nationwide, and our team can assist you with any technical expertise you require. In addition to transformer oil, we also supply a unique product for flushing and rinsing electrical transformer internals. For more information on our 20L transformer oil drums or any of our other products and services for the electrical maintenance industry, please contact us today.


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